With our Benefits Fair and Open Enrollment just around the corner we’ll be sharing more info about our new Employee Benefits plans over the next couple weeks.  Today we’re highlighting the new Dental Plans from Premera.


Dental Plan A and Ortho A:

Incentive plan: Coverage for Diagnostic, Preventative, and Basic starts at 70% for new employees. As long as the diagnostic, preventative, and/or basic benefits are used each year, the coverage level goes up each year 10% to a max of 100% coverage. However, if the benefit is not used one year, the benefit is reduced by 10% the next  year (but will not drop below 70%).

**NOTE: for current staff, if you chose to enroll in this benefit during open enrollment your coverage level will be determined by the years you have been with the Agency.

If you have been with PSESD for 1 year or less (or are a new hire), you will begin at 70% coverage. If you have been with PSESD for 2 years, you will begin at 80%, so on. As long as you use your benefit each year, your coverage level will increase 10% each year to a maximum of 100%

The benefit structure and coverages are very similar to our current Delta Dental plan.

Ortho is included. Since it is a new carrier and new plan for the ESD, all lifetime maximums start over (so if you had used your previously, you get a new one!)

Click these links for more info on Dental Plan A and Ortho Plan A 

Dental Plan C:

Less rich benefit than Plan A.

Diagnostic is covered in full

Basic is covered at 80%

No Ortho – for those who do not need nor want it.

Click here for more info on Dental Plan C