At this year’s All Staff Recognition event Anna Wade, Grants Manager, was awarded the Enable Others to Act. While at the time she was overwhelmed with appreciation and surprise, recently Anna shared some thoughts about the agency, the award and our shared work to support students and families. 35145124856_a684905182_k-1

In our work at the agency, collaboration and trust are critical and essential components of our END to achieve success for each child and eliminate the opportunity gap by leading with racial equity. When we envision future programs and partnerships in grant proposals, concept papers and detailed applications; we demonstrate our individual and agency wide commitment to our stated END. We evidence our specific learning and expertise to inform our future relationships and programs. This process can be arduous and tedious as it requires tenacity, vulnerability and dedication from multiple team members and community members. We ask for complete engagement in the work of development, writing and implementing our grant programs. We expect accuracy and focus on small technical details while adhering to our agency working agreements around adaptive and organizational leadership. We require teamwork, trust, support and true collaboration to complete an appropriate and excellent result. This process is inclusive in the involvement of multiple perspectives, departments and leaders at all levels of our agency and community.

 It is the goal of the grants office to foster a collaborative space in which all participants in the process are valued, heard, seen and validated with successful and meaningful engagement. It is my honor to be named with this recognition as it reinforces that the principals of trustworthiness and relationship building are present in our current systems and help all team members share in self-determination and competence. I sincerely appreciate and value the opportunity to be a member of this organization’s outstanding teams.

 Congratulations Anna! Thank you for all you do to enable others to act at PSESD!