On Friday, November 17, the Communications, Government and Public Relations team (say that three times fast!) came together to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Baby Wade.

Anna Wade, our Grants Director and SalesForce Administrator extraordinaire, and her husband Dion are expecting Baby #2 just before Christmas. While older brother ‘Zander was not present for the baby shower, he too received a couple gifts as the Wade family prepares for the new baby!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by, brought gifts, and celebrated the new bundle of joy to be – nope they do not know if it is a boy or girl – it is a suprise!

Anna and Dion were overwhelmed and touched by the generosity of our staff. Anna plans to work through the middle of December, as long as baby does not come early, so be sure to stop by and wish her well. Her plan is to return in March 2018, but promises we wont have too wait to long after baby arrives to know the gender, name and see some photos!