2018 Winter All Staff Meeting – Survey

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First, we want to thank you for joining us for the 2018 Winter All Staff Meeting. We know everyone is busy, and we are happy to come together as a group to share our successes, as well as our goals and ambitions for the future here at PSESD. Pictures from the meeting may be found [...]

Reminder: Winter All Staff Meeting 1/19

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Don't forget! The PSESD Winter All Staff Meeting is Friday, January 19 from 1:30-3:30pm at the Renton office. We look forward to getting the staff together for some updates from the agency, along with a presentation from Living Voices that you won't want to miss! Living Voices combines solo performances with archival film, which turns [...]

All Staff Survey! Complete by 9/22 for a Prize Drawing!

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Thank you for responding to this survey.  The survey is 5 short questions.  Your feedback is important for us to make these All Staff Meetings impactful to your work. Cabinet takes the feedback of staff seriously when planning future events. If you would like to be entered into a drawing for more Seahawks Office Supplies [...]

Matthew Gulbranson Pours his Heart into Partnership work and Challenges the Process Along the Way

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At this year’s All Staff Recognition event Matthew Gulbranson was awarded the Challenge the Process Award. "I am deeply humbled and honored to receive the Challenge the Process Award. I greatly admire those that stand up for social and racial injustices, so to be recognized for this work in this way is still shocking to me. I [...]

Join the All Staff Planning Committee Today!

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The purpose of our all staff meetings continues to be on bringing staff together to build community, raise awareness about important organizational changes and updates, and to celebrate the small and big wins within the agency. If you have ideas to share, feedback or just want to join in on the fun please consider joining [...]

The Leadership Development & Professional Growth & Evaluation Steering Committee Recognized for Modeling the Way Through Their Dedication and Leadership This Past Year

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At this year’s All Staff Recognition event the Leadership Development & Professional Growth & Evaluation Steering Committee was awarded the Model the Way Award. “What an honor to have the Leadership Development & Professional Growth & Evaluation Steering Committee recognized for the Model the Way award!  The committee demonstrated unwavering commitment to developing Agency-wide competencies that uphold the Agency’s values [...]

With Their Dedication to Student Success ReLife is Awarded the Encourage the Heart Honor

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At this year’s All Staff Recognition event ReLife School was awarded the Encourage the Heart Award. “ReLife School: A Regional Center of Excellence was thrilled to be honored with the Encourage The Heart Award. This team is dedicated to student success.  For others to see and recognize our hard work and dedication is an amazing tribute. [...]

Deborah Callahan Inspires a Shared Vision

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At this year’s All Staff Recognition event Deborah Callahan, WSRMP Executive Director, was awarded the Inspire a Shared Vision. Stunned to be receiving this honor, Deborah, recently shared some thoughts about WSRMP’s mission and values, the award’s meaning to her and why it is considered a career high.  Last year, WSRMP celebrated its 30-year anniversary. As [...]

Anna Wade shares her reflection on the Enable to Others Act Award

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At this year's All Staff Recognition event Anna Wade, Grants Manager, was awarded the Enable Others to Act. While at the time she was overwhelmed with appreciation and surprise, recently Anna shared some thoughts about the agency, the award and our shared work to support students and families.  In our work at the agency, collaboration [...]

Dr. Marion Smith Jr is bold, brash and unapologetically committed to leading with racial equity to ensure success for each child and eliminate the opportunity gap.

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One June 2, at the 2017 All Staff Recognition Event Dr. Marion Smith Jr was awarded the 2017 Excellence and Equity in Education Award. "As a career-long, certificated K-12 urban education transformational leader and teacher, I have had the privilege of designing, transforming and sustaining K-12 systems and school improvement in Nevada, Pennsylvania and Washington. History documents my [...]