Let’s Celebrate Rudy’s Art Book Release!

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Join us in celebrating the release of Rudy Garza's book of art on Wednesday, December 4 on the second floor lobby of PSESD. Rudy will be available to sign copies of his book from 11 a.m.–1 p.m. In the words of the author, this book "is a result of my desire to publish a book [...]

AESA’s Executive Council Honors Dr. Hilary Loeb & Dr. Janet Gordon

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Congratulations to Dr. Hilary Loeb of the Strategy, Evaluation and Learning Department and Dr. Janet Gordon of Kaufman and Associates (KAI), on their achievements as recipients of the AESA's E. Robert Stephens Award! This award is presented to individuals whose research advances the understanding of educational service agencies at the regional, state and national levels. [...]

Wishing Farewell to Nikum Pon!

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Come join us in sharing our well wishes with Nikum Pon and his wonderful family as they prepare for their next adventure! Staff and community members alike have benefitted from Nikum's charisma, authenticity and leadership in equity, and the loss of his impact will truly be felt across the agency. Available staff members can celebrate [...]

Stories Across the Agency: Giving with the Learning Communities Foundation

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As we begin the new year with the United Way Workplace Giving Campaign, we asked the Learning Communities Foundation's (LCF) newest Director Wendy Armour to share her perspective on the importance of giving in her work. PSESD: What led you to become the Director of the Learning Communities Foundation with Puget Sound ESD? Wendy Armour: In my career, [...]

Home Visitors are Super Heroes!

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Last month, at our Early Head Start HB staff meeting, we had the opportunity to recognize each other's strengths and the work we do for families and children. December can be a hard time as a Home Visitor as many of the families we serve experience a crisis during this time. For me personally, [...]

Stories Across the Agency: A Reflection on the Native American Education Program (NAEP)

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As Native American Heritage Month came to a close, we reflected on Puget Sound ESD's Native American Education Program (NAEP) with Program Manager Jason LaFontaine to learn more about the invaluable work NAEP is doing across four school districts in the Pierce County area. ____ PSESD: Can you tell me a little bit about your background?  [...]

Farewell and Good Luck to Deputy Superintendent, Frank Ashby!

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As this year comes to a close, Puget Sound ESD wants to wish a heartfelt farewell to our Deputy Superintendent, Frank Ashby. In his role as a Deputy Superintendent, and as a Board Director for the three years prior, Frank has been a tremendous leader and champion for Puget Sound ESD. The time has come [...]

Farewell and Good Luck to Executive Director of Equity in Education, Melia LaCour!

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It is with heavy heart that we bid farewell to Puget Sound ESD's Executive Director of Equity in Education, Melia LaCour. Melia will be leaving the agency at the end of December to pursue her own business that includes working with other ESD's, writing professionally and racial healing work along with other creative projects that [...]

Kanani Vidal to Participate in National Hula Competition in Hilo, Hawaii

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Kanani Vidal from the Expanded Learning team has been hula dancing for years, and this year her Halau (hula group) is participating in a national competition in Hilo, Hawai'i! Kanani told us, "I am of Hawaiian descent and I have danced hula since I was a little girl. It's a big part of who I [...]

Communications Team Member Joe Hunich named #Husky100

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Joe Hunich joined the Communications team in September, after working in the PSESD Native Ed Program for 5 years. "When Joe started with us, I knew he was finishing his Masters Degree, and it has been inspiring to see him apply his learning to his work here at the agency, while learning a new job and [...]