Stories Across the Agency: Celebrating Special Services with Amy Okeze

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Social Justice in Special Education National Special Education Day was on December 2, and so we reached out to Director of Special Services Amy Okeze to learn more about the importance of this day and the impact of the work being done by the Special Services team at Puget Sound ESD. PSESD: Can you tell us [...]

Stories Across the Agency: Digging Into Data with Dr. Hilary Loeb

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This month's installment of Stories Across the Agency focuses on Dr. Hilary Loeb, Director of Strategy & Evaluation at Puget Sound Educational Service District. Over the summer Dr. Loeb and Dr. Janet Gordon of Kaufman and Associates were awarded the E. Robert Stephens Award in recognition of their work to elevate the effectiveness and transparency of [...]

Stories Across the Agency: Finding Joy with Walter Stanford

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In this month's installment of Stories Across the Agency, we interviewed Expanded Learning Site Coordinator Walter Stanford about his work, his background and finding joy at Puget Sound ESD. If you're not familiar with Walter yet, you will be soon as he'll be flexing his acting expertise as a co-host of the upcoming All Staff Celebration! [...]

Stories Across the Agency: Sharing Leadership & Culture with the NAEP

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Nearly 30 PSESD Native American Education Program students attended the 3rd annual Native American Youth Leadership Academy at Miracle Ranch (near Purdy, WA), for the opportunity to learn leadership skills through a cultural lens and connect with other youth who share their same Native cultural identity. Students from PSESD's Native American program from Franklin Pierce, Peninsula, [...]

Stories Across the Agency: A Farewell Tribute to Nikum Pon

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For the past three years Nikum Pon, Director of Equity in Education at PSESD, has touched the lives of countless people through his work. Leading by example, Nikum has modeled ways to apply theory to practice to ensure that our agency and our partners have the tools necessary to support racially equitable and culturally responsive [...]

Stories Across the Agency: Educare Community of Practice

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Educare Learning Network Early Head Start Childcare Partnerships Community of Practice in Seattle On February 6-7 Educare Seattle welcomed leaders from Educare schools and their operating organizations from across the country for our third annual Early Head Start Childcare Partnerships Community of Practice. This influential group of leaders, advocates, funders and grantees is focused on implementing [...]