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Thank you to all staff that provided feedback into the job-specific competency behavioral indicator sessions and surveys that occurred in January.  Your thoughtful contributions reflect our collective best thinking at this time and have been consolidated and incorporated into the proposed job-specific competencies.  As a reminder, these competencies will eventually become part of a competency library from which supervisors and staff will collaborate to identify the specific competencies that apply to the individual job descriptions.  In the spirit of transparency, the outcomes will be shared with staff for the purpose of ensuring that the behavioral indicators for the job-specific competencies demonstrate a progression from one level to the next in support of their continued professional growth and development. To that end, sessions have been scheduled on Friday, March 24th to share this information with staff.  Additionally, supervisors are encouraged to attend not only for their own job-specific competencies, but to also explore competencies that may apply to their direct reports.  (Please note that sessions for Educare, Home-Based, ReLife and Transportation are being coordinated separately directly with the programs in support of their varying locations.)