From traveling with friends and family all over the world, to relaxing on the beach, to fishing with friends…check out what our staff has been up to this summer!

Melissa Laramie


Summer Fun! Photo 1 Just hangin’ out at the Alamo! Learning doesn’t stop for summer or vacation! #rememberthealamo #hotnhumid #NSPRA2017 #SchoolPR — at The Alamo.

Additional photos 4th of July Fun and Peyton and Belle had so much fun on vacation the last 2 weeks, they both slept most of the way home. #home #summer #vacation #backtoreality



Andrea Price


Fishing with friends in the great northwest!


Melena Swarthout


I went to Mexico City and to Puerto Vallarta this summer to visit my family. One of my favorite sites in Mexico City were the Pyramids of Teotihuacan. I also enjoyed the beautiful sunsets in Puerto Vallarta. But my all in all favorite was spending time with my extended family and to have my daughters see their grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles, practice their Spanish and have a taste of their Mexican roots and culture.



Alexa Mendezona


This summer I went to Puerto Vallarta with my husband, 9 month old daughter Jayce, my best friend and her 1 year old Ellie and my parents. We relaxed by the pool (found out our daughters love the water!), played in the sand on the beach (that was fun to clean up) and explored downtown Puerto Vallarta. Traveling with two babies on four 3hr+ flights was quite the experience but in the end WELL WORTH IT!



Its not too late, summer is not over yet! If you would like to share your summer vacation stories and photos please submit a “news” posting!