Diversity Coaching

The Diversity Coaching Program is an integral part of the agency’s goal to create an AntiRacist Multicultural Organization. This is an  organization that has “within its mission, goals, values, and operating systems explicit policies and practices that prohibit anyone from being excluded or unjustly treated because of race and any other social identity or status.”

In support of this goal, Diversity Coaches are trained to work with agency staff to address and resolve issues related to diversity.  While the agency focus is to lead with racial equity, Diversity Coaches are skilled in addressing issues related to any aspect of diversity. This might include (but is not limited to) racial, gender, religious, sexual orientation, class, age, or disability. The Diversity Coaching Program provides staff with the tools and resources needed in order to resolve these challenging situations.

We know this is not easy.  As we grow in our practice of cultural competency, this program is here to support that process.