Update on Vision Coverage for 2017/2018 Plan Year!

After the initial vision plan with Premera was sold to PSESD, Premera signed an agreement with a provider network, EyeMed. Premera’s intent was to offer a broader provider network for its subscribers. This week, we were alerted to this change and have heard consistent feedback from staff that they are not pleased with the EyeMed network and what they offer. We shared your feedback and concerns with Premera representatives who acknowledged that they’ve received similar feedback from other districts.  In partnership with Premera, the following solution has been created for PSESD staff for the 2017/2018 plan year:

  • We will no longer offer two (2) vision plans for this plan year.
  • All staff at PSESD will move to Premera Vision Plan C. The plan structure will remain the same, and it will be on the Premera network as originally indicated and NOT the EyeMed network.
  • The cost for Plan C will be reduced to match that of Plan F – $11.60/month. (Please note, these changes are for the 17/18 plan year only. We will see changes for the 18/19 plan year).

This change will be retroactive to 11/1/2017. For staff who initially signed up for Plan C at the original rate ($31.05/month), you will see an adjustment on your 11/30 paycheck showing the reduced benefit cost and an adjustment to VEBA or your out of pocket costs due to the reduction in premium costs.

Premera is creating an FAQ which will be distributed as soon as its available. New benefit cards will be distributed as well, along with additional information, with one card for dental and vision (and medical, if you are on a Premera medical plan) as originally communicated during open enrollment. Receipt of new cards will take some time, but Premera assures us all staff will be in their system on Plan C in the Premera network, so you will be able to visit a provider if needed.

Premera has expressed their deep regret for what has happened and has truly appreciated the feedback we have provided from staff. They are committed to ensuring a smooth transition, and hope that this solution will meet our staff’s needs for the plan year.

As it becomes available, additional information will be provided on mypsesd and weare.psesd.org. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your HR team.