Did you miss the All Staff Meeting last week? Or Are you still unsure about the difference between and  We hope this will help, and of course, if you are not sure please contact your Communications Coordinator for help.


WEARE.PSESD.ORG Posts can be submitted by any PSESD staff member by filling out the submission form on – click here to see the “Submit your Program/Department News” Form, we encourage you to include photos and if you are not sure what you should post – look here for some ideas.  Don’t forget about the opportunity to share shout-outs and use the staff bulletin board. If you have posted something since Friday, January 13, 2017 you will need to resubmit it as we have had some issues with the contact submission form, we apologize but this has been fixed!


MYSPESD.ORG Announcements are a way for trained SharePoint content managers to post information for PSESD staff that is agency related, however this is not a platform not for messages of a personal nature. Announcements are great for policies, workshops, events, grants, collaborative opportunities, etc but should not be used for personal fundraisers, parties, items for sale, want ads or non-work related announcements.  All SharePoint content managers can add announcements to the Agency’s main announcement list. Announcements on your SharePoint site’s announcement object will appear only on your site, and only if you have added it to one of your site’s pages.